What Is the State of the UAE Job Market?

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What Is the State of the UAE Job Market

The UAE job market is definitely going to pick up this 2017!  The advent of smart cities in various Emirates is heavily boosting the technology sector.  Jobs in Dubai and Jobs in Abu Dhabi will be plentiful.

As the economy will be picking up in 2017, we expect the job postings to increase online from employers. Online jobs in Dubai and UAE are very popular. Most employers find job sites to be a suitable medium to find potential candidates for their companies.

With the expo 2020 coming up, we have noticed that newer avenues have been opening up in the UAE. A particular one is the hospitality industry. Hospitality jobs in Dubai will only grow larger next year. Adding to this, Expo 2020 is also bringing with it more jobs in the telecommunication and aviation sectors.

What Is the State of the UAE Job Market

Despite hiring being slightly on the lower end in 2016, candidates from selected industries were in demand. Included are the engineering industry, consultancy, IT, Real Estate, and more, and this trend will continue in 2017. Furthermore, marketing professionals that are proficient in SEO will also be in demand.

Apart from technical and niche skills, soft skills such a communication skills both oral and written, being a team player and leadership skills are also going to important characteristics that employers will look out for in 2017. It is advisable to develop these characteristics if you are looking for a new job. There are plenty of online courses that can help you do this.

Talentedzone.com advises job seekers to keep their CV and profile updated online as that is where most employers will be looking for candidates and filtering the best potential employees for their companies. Experts at talentedzone.com say that next year will be an even better year for the UAE job market as newer sectors in technology are popping up throughout the country.



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