How to Have a Great Job Interview

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The job interview is the most important aspect of getting selected into a company. Through your CV, employers can find out your qualifications.

Through an interview, employers are able to gage your personality and ascertain whether you are the right fit for the business.

It paves the way to leaving a good impression on the employer.

Here are some tips from on how to have a great interview in order to get jobs in Dubai, jobs in Abu Dhabi and jobs in UAE:

  •  Be on time

Being on time for your interview is of utmost importance. If you are tardy by even five minutes, it could hamper your chances of getting the job. Prepare everything the night before and also discern location of the interview beforehand. Leave well in advance and ideally you should be at your interview around fifteen minutes earlier.

  •  Be professional

Your clothing and appearance should be professional. Remember, it merely takes a few seconds for a first impression to be formed. If you want to grab those job vacancies in Dubai, you have to dress and feel the part. Also, do not forget to print out your CV and portfolio and bring it to the interview.

  • Talk about your achievements

While talking about your work experience is important, it is equally important to talk about your achievements and how you have made an impact on the company. It is also advisable to highlight any instances where you have lead a team.

  • Ask the right questions

It is very important to listen during the interview and then ask appropriate questions at the end. Do not bring up the salary unless the employer does so themselves. Instead, you could ask about your role and your career path in the company.

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