Dubai Job Market 2017

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What Is the State of the Dubai Job Market and What Is in Store for the Future?

The Dubai job market is picking up this year after a fall in 2016. Last year, the overall hiring by companies in the city dropped by a significant percentage but this year it is set to improve. A major part of this change can be attributed to the predicted boost in the economy in 2017. The property market, which was in a slump in 2016, is also going to pick up heavily which will in turn affect job creation.

Jobs in Dubai and Jobs in the UAE in general will be plentiful over the coming years therefore we at, advise you to keep your profile and CV updated.

Recruiters are now turning towards online sources and job sites to find the perfect candidates for their job.

Vacancies in Dubai can be yours if you apply through online jobs in Dubai and online jobs in the UAE.

With the Expo 2020 coming up, there are several career opportunities that will be created for job seekers in the UAE, especially Dubai. Hospitality jobs in Dubai, government jobs in Dubai and real estate jobs in Dubai will be most abundant.

Employers are always looking out for talent that is specific to the skill-set of their company. Despite the fact that hiring was on the lower side last year, recruiters still faced a shortage of skills in their company. This gap will be reduced this year as hiring is set to pick up, and more employees wish to switch jobs.

The experts at advise you to brush up on your skills, especially soft skills and analytical skills. Employers in the Dubai are looking out for candidates who are team players and problem solvers. Be visible online and be one of these most sought-after candidates.



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