Career Opportunities at Expo 2020

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Career Opportunities at Expo 2020

Expo 2020 is one of the biggest events happening in Dubai and the government is going full throttle to prepare for it. We are already seeing an increase in the development of the hospitality, government and construction sector. As a result, the number of job vacancies in Dubai are also increasing.

These employers will be posting jobs on as online jobs in Dubai are a popular and favoured way for recruiters to select more candidates.

Here are a few trends that we can see on the rise during Expo 2020 that will give you an idea on where your career is headed:

  • Increase in the power of SMEsThe Government is open for tender and bids from all companies in the UAE, and that includes SMEs, for the Expo 2020. As such, you can expect an increase in the number of jobs in SMEs in Dubai. Working for an SME is a great learning experience as you would often have to perform multiple tasks at once.
  • On the lookout for fresh talentThe good news for fresh graduates and employees who lack major experience is that the UAE government is encouraging recruiters and employers to hire new talent for the Expo 2020. This is because they are on the lookout for fresh ideas to drive the Expo in an innovative way.
  • An increase in hiring in various sectorsHospitality jobs in Dubai, Government jobs, Civil engineering jobs, banking jobs in Dubai, call centre jobs in Dubai and marketing jobs in Dubai are going to increase over the next few years. The economic outlook is looking good and therefore companies will be in a better position to hire employees.

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